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Retrofit / Re-roofing

Thinking of upgrading your building or facility?

BBS will analyze the unique requirements of any retrofit or re-roof project to provide effective solutions and develop a program to improve functionality, enhance company image, increase energy efficiency, lower energy costs that protect your overall investment.


With over 30 years of successful construction/renovation project completions, BBS has developed an expertise in providing one-stop solution for total building retrofit and renovation solutions.

Retrofit before and after example

We’ll analyze the requirements and propose a retrofit program that not only will help you get your head around the issues, will add valuable insights that may help you improve property functionality, enhance your company image, increase energy efficiency, lower energy costs and protect your overall investment.

  • Re-roofing
  • Re-cladding exterior walls
  • Natural day lighting solutions
  • Upgrading electrical and mechanical systems
  • Tenant Fit-ups for new building use
  • Energy Efficient Upgrades and renovations
  • Increased insulation to the building envelope
  • Interior renovations
  • New fit-up requirements
  • Renovations

Re-roofing solutions

BBS’ metal over metal re-roof solution provides a new metal roof, right over top of any old roof - eliminating tear-off costs and business downtime and will provide an energy efficient weather-tight seal that will outlast other traditional re-roof methods.

MR-24 roofing diagram

Features and benefits

  • Available in a wide variety of colors, including energy efficient cool colors
  • Extensive design flexibility assures seamless integration into your existing structure
  • Low or high Profile Metal-Over-Metal System
  • Slope Build-up Framing System for improved drainage
  • Accommodates additional insulation thicknesses to enhance energy efficiency
  • Can save up to 90% on roof maintenance costs
  • Adds proven weather tight performance to virtually any commercial or industrial building application

butler roofing over existing roof

Day lighting solutions

Butler’s ® SunLite Strip™ daylighting system adds natural daylight, energy savings, and occupant comfort to any building featuring the MR-24® roof system—new or retrofit applications.


Features and benefits

  • Reduces electrical lighting consumption and lighting costs up to 70% when integrated with control systems design
  • Design can reduce roof penetrations by 30% — reducing field labor and protecting the weather-tight integrity of the MR-24® roof system
  • Prismatic acrylic domed technology adds up to 3 times the amount of light earlier and later in the day vs. translucent panels

Some recent and in-progress mixed market construction projects:

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